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Greater reach and lower costs

Eighty-six percent of all retailers plan to renew their checkout hardware in 2020, while two thirds plan to replace their software. Almost half of all companies are planning to replace their systems. Flexibility and fast, cost-effective adaptability are the most crucial selection criteria for 61% of these institutions, and almost half of them are focusing on the ability to use Omnichannel. (Source: POS study by the EHI Retail Institute 2018)

flux.connect extends the reach of your cash registers and opens up new customer potential. The integration is only required once and is done quickly thanks to the SDK. As a Single Point of Contact (SpoC), flux.connect handles all communication between the POS system and the service provider. This includes central negotiations with the providers, the market-driven expansion of the service portfolio, the entire software development and maintenance. In a nutshell, this means that you benefit from enormous time and cost savings.

Your retailers will undoubtedly appreciate cash registers equipped with flux.connect, as promptly available services offer them many possibilities for connecting new business models, thus improving their competitiveness.

With flux.connect the possibilities are endless: an attractive license model offers you a wide range of options. Ready to talk? We would be more than happy to explain how this works in person.