Flexible, scalable, high availability solution

SaaS solution as a cloud platform

flux.connect is a platform for connecting value-added services, payment services, POS systems and payment terminals at the point of sale. Additionally, it includes loyalty, prepaid, alternative payment methods, digital receipt archive and other services.

The cloud-based SaaS solution offers maximum flexibility and high availability. The AWS cloud services with PCI security class 1 guarantees maximum security and scalability. More than one million devices can be operated simultaneously and well over 100,000 transactions can be processed per second.

flux.connect can be integrated quickly and easily into any POS software using the SDK of the most common programming languages (Java, JavaScript, PHP, C++). Even without a cash register, flux.base is an entry-level solution that can be connected via POS terminals.

Developed with agile methodology, flux.connect is based on a modular architecture. New functions and services can therefore be integrated quickly and cost-effectively; the market determines the what and the when.

Thanks to its modular architecture and agile development, flux.connect can be expanded quickly and cost-effectively with new functionalities and services in line with market requirements.

Several service providers can already be found on the flux.connect platform, and more are added weekly. Learn more about them soon on this page.